Mulla MohamedJaffer Sheriff Dewji 1889 – 1960

Dewji Jamal, the grandfather of  Alhaj Mulla Mohamedjaffer Sheriff Dewji, was a leader of the Khoja community who openly disassociated himself from Aga khan I as a result of which the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community came into being in Kutchh, Kathiawad, Mumbai and Karachi. Sheriff Dewji, the son of Dewji Jamal, gave full backing … [Read more…]

Mulla Ahmed Abdulrasul Lakha 1901 – 1989

Marhum Mulla Ahmed Lakha was one of the distinguished and pre-eminent personalities of his era.  He was a moving orator, an accomplished industrialist, a dedicated social servant and a pioneer in the advancement of education for both boys and girls.  Above all else, he was a long-standing zakir of Imam Hussein (a.s) for over sixty … [Read more…]

Mulla Haji Kassamalibhai Esmail Ebrahim Dossa – Mauritius

Mulla Haji Kassamalibhai Esmail Ebrahim Dossa was born in 1890 in Mumbai. He studied in Khan Habib School for 7 years in Gujrat. There, the religious teaching was being undertaken by Mulla Qader Hussayn Saheb such as Quran as well Urdu classes. The first stone of Ithna-Asheri Masjid was laid around 1901 in Mumbai. In … [Read more…]

Sheriff Bhai Jiwa Surti – Madagascar

In 1865 Sheriff Bhai Jiwa Surti at a young age of 18 travelled to Zanzibar from India and worked in the famous Nasser Nurmuhamad’s branch in Nosibe. (Madagascar). Due to his hard work, loyalty, sincerity and generosity he was well respected within the city and by his employer. In 1885 he went to Bhavnagar to … [Read more…]

Haji Dharamsi Ladha – Majunga

At a young age of 14, Haji Dharamsi Ladha together with Kassamali Ladha left India on a voyage by sea via Zanzibar and reached Majunga (Madagascar), where he got involved in business. His interest in religious affairs was quite deep and as a youth he used to accompany and get guidance from Allama Haji Gulamali … [Read more…]

Haji Abdulla Kanji (Bapu) 1881 – 1944

Born in Kutch, Bhuj (India) in 1881, Haji Abdulla Kanji was well known amongst the elders as “Bapu”. A pioneer of Mombassa and a passionate philanthropist, Haji Abdulla first arrived in Mombassa in 1902 on a sailing dhow along with other Indians. He was soon to make important contributions to this budding city, leaving a … [Read more…]

Ha -ji Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj – Mogadishu

Haji Hassanali Juma Haji Ali Muraj was born in 1903 in Merca (Mogadishu). After pursuing the basic education and attaining religious knowledge he then learnt Italian language and joined his father’s business. He got married in 1925. From this wedlock he was blessed with 6 sons and 2 daughters. Just after his marriage he established … [Read more…]

Alibhai Hirji – Madagascar 1880 – 1959

Alibhai Hirji was born in Khakherda in 1880. At the age of 14 years he accompanied his father to Majunga, Madagascar, here he stayed for a while and then moved to Tuleyaar (Madagascar). He joined his father’s business. In 1912 after his father sadly passed away and therefore he had to take up the responsibilities … [Read more…]